Vacationing 101: 20 travel tips for planning (and enjoying!) the perfect getaway

Flip through the slideshow for 20 essential travel tips, from planning your journey to what to bring in case something bad happens.

Lake Michigan Weekend: These Small Towns Are Chicago Road-Trip Worthy

Lake Michigan's charming lakeside towns make for unforgettable Windy City escapes jam-packed with beachy vibes & fun times a-plenty.

6 charming homes in the Hudson Valley

It doesn’t hurt to look! Stuyvesant Courtesy image Across the road from the Hudson River, this four-bedroom home is also less than an hour's drive from the Catskills and the Berkshires. The restored 1850 Italianate house features wide-plank wood floors, updated original floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-burning fireplaces in the drawing room and prima...

It’s Official: These Are the Absolute Best Travel Destinations for Foodies

Mexico came out as the favorite food country for foodies in VacationRenter’s survey of experienced eaters.

I used a $29 Apple AirTag to track my luggage on 2 buses and a plane and I'll never travel without one again

My carry-on luggage was unexpectedly "valet checked" for my Delta flight back to New York City and knowing its location eased my anxiety.

Beautiful and Fun Things to Do in Mammoth Lakes, CA in the Summer

Summer in Mammoth Lakes, California is full of fun things to do. While people usually think of Mammoth as a ski destination, it's also full of summer hiking, kayaking, boating and more. See the best things to do in summertime!

Escape the crowds at these 10 national parks

Yellowstone National Park is notable for its geysers and hot springs, containing about half of the world's geysers. Yellowstone National Park is home to the world's most renowned geyser, the Old Faithful Geyser. Grizzly bears, wolves, and elk also call this place home. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

10 best places in US for a perfect family trip

Manassas, Virginia, is known for its charming Old Town and its marvelous collection of museums. Guests will love the city as they can learn more about it through its engaging museum displays. One of which is the Historic Manassas. It is not your ordinary museum as it also features a winery aside from its exhibits and artifacts. Click here to explor...

Keep Drinks Cold on the Go with These Backpack Coolers

No more warm drinks in your future.

American Airlines rebooked a mom on a flight home that would have forced her to leave her 7- and 8-year-old sons behind for days in NYC

Sarah Ripmaster had to spend hours on the phone with American Airlines to get her sons on the same rebooked flight or face leaving them behind.

Free National Park Days 2022

When are the Free National Park Days? There are five days during the year that the National Park Service waives entrance

Covid lockdown strands 80,000 tourists in 'China's Hawaii'

Around 80,000 tourists are stranded in the popular resort city of Sanya on China's tropical Hainan island after authorities announced lockdown measures to stem an outbreak of Covid-19.

Room Reveal: Conrad Punta de Mita

Kaleb and Knox are here to answer your question: What are the rooms like at Conrad Punta de Mita? We won’t keep you in suspense any longer than you need! And if you’d like to learn more about the resort and its surrounding area, be sure to hop on over to our very […]

Last Minute-Trip? We Found Walmart’s Most Affordable Luggage

These highly rated bags make living out of a suitcase look good.

The FAA wants to know what you think about the size of your airline seat

Body that regulates airlines and air travel seeks submissions about the impact of seat size on safety for young and older travelers in particular.

Irresistible destinations for arts & culture in France

Tours is a city in France that is known for featuring numerous buildings with beautiful architecture. Visitors will love strolling around since they will feel as if they are in a Disney movie as the buildings that surround them feature French village architecture. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

9 best destinations in New York for culture buffs

When visiting Poughkeepsie, New York, guests should also see the famous Walkway over the Hudson State. It is the city's most iconic tourist spot as it is an 1889 bridge that offers a panoramic view of the sea. Aside from this, the city also houses a children's museum. It is a family-favorite attraction that sparks curiosity and learning. Click here...

Top 10 Gulf Coast Beaches In Alabama

For beach getaways, Alabama’s Gulf Coast should not be overlooked.

Amazing places in California to experience beautiful culture

The native oak trees in this city became the basis of its name. Nowadays, oak trees are not the only ones blooming here. A blossoming of rich culture is also made possible by the immigration of different ethnic groups. Hence, you can expect gastronomic treats from countries like Ethiopia, Thailand, Mexico, and Italy. The formerly manufacturing-heav...


Pack your bags, it's time to head to the most populous Midwestern city -- Chicago! Whether you're a first-timer, traveling during warm weather, looking for kid-friendly activities, or are all about the nightlife -- Chicago has it all. With amazing museums, art galleries, parks, a zoo, theaters, and amazing restaurants, you'll never run out of things to do in Chi-Town. Grab a slice of deep-dish pizza, here are 47 things to do in Chicago that...

Laid to rest in the best: The extravagant eternal homes of historical figures

Respect for the dead and the importance of an honorable eternal resting place has been a common theme across nearly every culture in the world through almost every era in history. The tombs, necropolises, and burial sites of the fallen have always been good indicators of their status in life, and many influential figures throughout history have been laid to rest in better, more extravagant conditions than the majority of people of any era could ever hope to so much as live in. Doubling as status symbols and feats of architecture, these resting places are a feast for the eyes. Read on to experience the glory and glamour of history's most magnificent burial sites.


The Lone Star State is the perfect place to whisk your special someone away for a romantic getaway. With its rich history and scrapbook-worthy sights, Texas will rekindle the romance. So, saddle up and prepare for an action-packed weeklong adventure for your next romantic escape! Here are 19 romantic getaways in Texas that we know you and your partner will love.

Pros and cons of being a night owl

There are two kinds of people in this world: the early birds, and the night owls. And while early birds get the more positive rep, night owls have their own distinct advantages as well. Want to discover the pros and cons of being a night owl? Then check out this gallery!

Is a Day at Disney World Too Expensive?

The House of Mouse isn't cheap, but it hasn't fully tested its pricing elasticity.

Welcome to Middle-earth. Here's Your Guide to the LOTR Legendarium.

With 'Rings of Power' coming up, it's time to do your homework.

For the love of food: It's Hamburger Heaven

For the love of food: It's Hamburger Heaven

Skip tiny solar on your next camping trip. There is a better, easier way

Solar power is great, but it's not worth spending a long time babysitting a tiny panel just to get a decent charge.

Where to Stay in New York: The New Aman, Updated Hotel Chelsea and More

These five new or renovated hotels make the Big Apple more attractive than ever. For anyone who’s headed to New York City for work or fun, or who wants to enjoy a short stay in the city on the way to the Hamptons or other spots nearby, here are the best, freshest options for a

15 Real-Life Castles That Are More Beautiful Than Hogwarts

Excuse me while I google “castle house-sitting jobs.”

Airlines lose unaccompanied children all the time, says a former flight attendant, so she set up a company to help

Children traveling alone become a second priority when airlines face disruption, says former flight attendant Shelly-Ann Cawley.

Discovery Cove: How To Swim With Dolphins & More

This resort is also entirely inclusive. Once travelers pass through the entrance, they will be in need of nothing as the resort guides them in.

Strange myths and mystical beliefs about periods

Even today, many menstruating people still feel uneasy speaking about their period openly. This age-old taboo about menstruation—something about half the world’s population experiences once a month—is not only mind-boggling, but has also made space for various myths and mystical beliefs to take shape, stretching from ancient to even modern times. If you consider that scientists only started credibly studying the menstrual cycle in the 1930s, it's no surprise that we still have much to learn. From a gift of the gods to a punishment for sins, and all the charming magic in between, click through to see what myths and mystical beliefs there have been about menstruation.

10 destinations for unforgettable family fun

Palatka is a city in Putnam County, Florida, United States. The population was 10,558 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Putnam County. Palatka is the principal city of the Palatka Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is home to 72,893 residents. The city is also home to St. Johns River State College, St. Johns River Water Management Dist...

5 Affordable Places To Retire Near the Beach

You're getting ready to retire and you want to go to the beach -- possibly every day. Since you don't currently live in a coastal community, this means you're going to need to pack up and move. Living...

10 Nature-Loving Places To Stay In Yellowstone

Ready for an outdoorsy getaway in Yellowstone? Then check out these incredible accommodations that cater to the nature-lover in all of us.

Off-peak travel: 10 places to visit in August

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and the location of the territory's capital, George Town. In relation to the other two Cayman Islands, it is approximately 75 miles southwest of Little Cayman and 90 miles southwest of Cayman Brac. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas At The Park

Birthday parties at the park are an easy way to bring people together that does not include having to clean the house from top to bottom.

No Swimming At Blackwater Falls State Park, But The View Is Amazing

Found in the Allegheny Mountains, Tucker County, West Virginia, Blackwater Falls State Park is home to multiple natural features.

I went on a 8-day cruise to Alaska. Here are 12 things that surprised me the most.

I sailed on the Celebrity Millennium to Alaskan ports like Juneau and Skagway and didn't expect the lack of sea-day activities or amount of sunlight.

I was a flight attendant for 10 years. Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes passengers make.

A former airplane crew member advises fliers against walking barefoot on dirty floors, drinking too much alcohol, and sitting in bulkhead seats.

20 places that are dirtier than your toilet

Your bathroom, and your toilet in particular, aren’t known for being the cleanest parts of your home. After all, we answer nature’s call in there several times a day, meaning that toilets are home to dozens of bacteria per square inch. While that might seem like a lot, there are other places in your home that are dirtier still, playing host to even more microbes and bacteria than your toilet. Want to find out where? Read on. But be warned: You’ll never look at your home in the same way again!

Death Valley Flooding Traps Nearly 1,000 People

Flash Flood Death Valley National Park's roads remain closed after flooding trapped nearly 1,000 people on Friday. Yesterday, Axios reported that the historic flash flooding took out multiple roads and submerged as many as 60 vehicles in dirt and debris. At least 500 staffers and 500 visitors were stuck, but CNN reported yesterday that some […]

Sauvignon Blanc For Summer: The Best Sauvignon Blanc To Drink Right Now

All the Reverse Wine Snob reviews and recommendations of the best wines made from Sauvignon Blanc under $20 plus more information on this popular variety! Reverse Wine Snob: Wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Maximizing your wine dollars since 2011.

32 Top Festivals & Events in Raleigh (for 2022)

Okay guys, are you ready for some awesome Raleigh events and festival fun this year? After a long two years of festival drought, we are ready to hit the streets of Raleigh, Wake County and the Triangle this year to celebrate life again! One thing we love about living in Raleigh is the constant stream … 32 Top Festivals & Events in Raleigh (for 2022) Read More »

15 secrets for a successful small business

Top 10 sensational islands to visit in US

Oak Island is the ideal spot for anyone seeking a nostalgic oceanside holiday with lots of outdoor activities to keep them busy. The beaches are a terrific place to unwind with your favourite beach book or go for a long walk. The Oak Island Lighthouse is a must-see on every lighthouse enthusiast's road trip itinerary. Climb the 131 stairs to the su...

Travel: Charming wineries, fragrant flora entice on Michigan's Old Mission Peninsula

On the shore of Lake Michigan, Old Mission Peninsula bears a bounty of charms, from mouth-watering produce and flower farms to vineyards and wineries.

19 Unique and fun date ideas for Raleigh (from a couple who does them)

Even though February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day, we believe love, date nights, and day time togetherness can happen year-round and if you’re looking for Raleigh date ideas and fun things to do in Raleigh for adults, read on! We tend to skip Valentine’s Day (it’s not that big in Australia where … 19 Unique and fun date ideas for Raleigh (from a couple who does them) Read More »


Want to rough it in New York...but only a little? Then a glamping adventure may be in your future! Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and escape to fresh air, nature, wildlife, and amazing views. Ready to learn more about glamping NY style? Here are 18 glamping spots in New York that you're going to want to check out.

The surprising secrets behind world-famous foods and their packaging designs

From Coca-Cola’s bulbous bottle to Toblerone’s triangular sleeve, great packaging is important. As well as serving an essential purpose, it sways shoppers' opinions on what’s hot and what’s not and sometimes remains unchanged for decades. Here we look at how world-famous foods got their packaging designs.